Join us for an Audacy Check In with Tate McRae

The 18-year-old songstress discusses how she pulled inspiration from the 1995 movie musical 'A Chorus Line' for her latest music video
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Canadian TikTok star, singer, and dancer Tate McRae joined us for a special Audacy Check In -- hot on the heels of the release of her newest single, "she’s all I wanna be," from her upcoming debut album scheduled to drop this spring.

LISTEN NOW: Tate McRae talks with Audacy's Julia

McRae gave fans the first taste of her forthcoming debut album with the release of "feel like s***" in November of 2021, which charted in multiple countries including her home country of Canada, and has amassed nearly 90 million streams worldwide.

Speaking with Audacy’s Julia, the “feel like s***” singer told us that as she has been on a journey to develop her sound recently, she often changes her mind “every second,” especially when it comes to creating music. McRae shared, “I do think that there is a place to be everything.”

“Everything is really personal to me,” adds the 18-year-old songstress. “So that’s what makes it seem really… authentic.”

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In discussing the new music video for “she’s all I wanna be,” McRae explains that it feels like she’s created a “mini-movie” to go along with her second single. The artist revealed that she and her mother collaborated on the idea for the visual piece and were thrilled when they learned that their concept would really be brought to life.

Tate notes that the 1995 movie musical A Chorus Line inspired her new music video because she was always drawn to the film’s choreography. “I wanted to recreate it and put it into this theme, ‘she’s all I wanna be,'” because dance auditions are all about being competitive and toxicity and comparison.”

Coming up in a dance background, McRae has always opted for heavy choreography in her music videos, noting, “I always want to make sure I’m dancing… just because it’s another expressive outlet of mine.” She shared that most of her creative visions always start with her dancing.

Tate tells us that initially, her latest single started as an emotional ballad while working with Adele’s producer, Greg Kurstin. However, after feeling like she wanted to create something edgier, McRae and Kurstin turned the track into “a totally different song,” giving it a punkier edge.

Check out McRae’s full interview above.

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