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Adam, Jack, and Ryan perform and answer questions from fans
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Joining hosts Bennet & Raven at 96.5 TDY in Philadelphia for a special Audacy LIVE performance is Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met of AJR following the brothers' recently-completed U.S. and European OK Orchestra Tour, and amid a highly anticipated new music release.

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Just a few weeks back, in mid-November, AJR dropped their newest single, "The DJ Is Crying For Help," preceded by announcements of a "NEW ERA" and a forthcoming fifth studio album in the works for 2023. Also, with a massive tour close in their rearview, we certainly had plenty to get into with the Met bros. while we had them with us for this special performance.

In between their stripped-down set of hits "Sober Up," "Burn The House Down," "World's Smallest Violin," and "Bang!," hosts Bennet & Raven gave fans a chance to ask AJR their own questions, which led to some hilarious moments for everyone in attendance.

Leading the Q&A section himself, Jack was first asked who the band would like to collaborate with in the future. Pointing over to his brother Ryan on the keyboards a little too quickly, Jack says "if i could do something with this guy over here... if we could work together in a nice way, one day, that would be a good feeling." Ryan is game, apparently, adding, "have your people talk to my people, we'll work something out."

Jokes aside, Ryan thinks working with songwriter and composer Randy Newman, because of his "quirkiness," would be a dream collaboration; "we're really big fans of him. Weezer was one of them," he adds, "that's really cool that we got to work with them," referencing their "All My Favorite Songs," single. "Honestly, Blue Man Group was our other one," Jack says, "and we featured them on our last album, so, there we go. Now Randy Newman is next up."

The rest of the players on stage were then introduced after an awkwardly worded question about how, Jack assumed, the core band members met. "Is that a real question? Is it a bit," he asked as someone in the crowd answered for him, "in the womb."

Clarifying, Jack tells everyone, "we're not triplets, although Ryan did leave his mark before he left and I saw it... 'Oh, Ryan's been here.'" Drummer Chris Berry and trumpet player Arnetta Johnson joined AJR for this appearance, and have been performing with the group for a number of years. "Who knows honestly," Jack says regarding how they originally crossed paths. "Friends of friends," Jack explains. "That's how everyone in the industry gets connected."

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