Kane Brown Recruits Khalid and Swae Lee for 'Be Like That’

By , Audacy

Kane Brown just dropped “Be Like That” featuring Swae Lee and Khalid, and the track is a straight up vibe cocktail, mixing Country with elements of Pop and Hip Hop. In the collab, the trio confess about the ups and downs of relationships, and how sometimes it really just “be like that.”

The artists switch off verses, spilling on their individual experiences about someone they love, through the good times and the bad, and that even though they might get annoyed or frustrated, they can’t imagine their lives without them.

Kane starts off the song with the relatable AF chorus. “I might be better on my own/I hate you blowin' up my phone/I wish I never met your a**/Sometimes it be like that/But I'm not myself the nights you're gone/There ain't no way I'm movin' on/I’m not afraid to need you bad/Sometimes it be like that”

I mean… raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like that. That’s what we thought. “It’s about all the different feelings you can have in a relationship,” Brown told Billboard of the track. “And trying not to overthink it. When it gets tough, you want to be on your own, but then you miss the person a second later. I think it’s something everyone goes through.”

In the first verse Kane recalls, “We both wanna love/We both wanna slide/We both wanna argue until we're both right… Maybe we're both just out of our mind.” Yup that checks, dang Kane, we really felt that.

Swae starts off all romantic, possibly reminiscing about the honeymoon stage, “And I could keep you nice and warm/Won’t do no thinking, I'm in love/If I was to give you the world/That’s anything that you can think of.”

But relationships can take you back and forth on a wild rollercoaster ride, and according to his lyrics it seems Swae might have season tickets to that theme park. “Got too much goin' to be upset/I swear I'd rather be your friend/I said I'm gonna be right back/It hurts sometimes it be like that.”

Staying true to both his brand and the song, Khalid's lyrics cover feelings of being unsure and miscommunication. “Sometimes, when you thought you found the love of your life/Now you're thinkin' I'm just one of those guys, leading on/I can't help when you read it wrong/Don’t know, why I trip on us/You put me down, I pick you up/Can’t tell you why but tell you what (You should know that)/You got me thinkin’.”

Yeah, well this song definitely got us thinking too… about how much we love it! Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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