Kehlani takes a deep dive on religion, sexuality, and trauma with Logan Paul: Listen now

On a brand new episode of 'Impaulsive'
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On a brand new episode of Impaulsive with Logan Paul, GRAMMY-nominated artist Kehlani joins the boys to discuss why organized religion can suck, being trauma buddies with Logan Paul, and more.

LISTEN NOW: Kehlani Is Scared Of Logan & Mike, Explores Her Sexuality, Dating Men VS. Women

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E362 Kehlani Is Scared Of Logan & Mike, Explores Her Sexuality, Dating Men VS. Women
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Publicly out as a lesbian for the past two years, after firstly identifying as bisexual, Kehlani talked on exploring her sexuality and preference evolution.

“I quite frankly just thought maybe I was broken… like the ability to dissociate in a relationship and during sex and with connection. I thought maybe I had just been through too much or I just wasn’t meeting the right people. I kept trying, but I was idealizing all the connections I was making,” as if all was “great,” but kept getting to this point in relationships, “where I was like this is wrong.”

“Even beyond the heartbreaks that were happening… like being cheated on, and these things that were happening in the relationship.” But even before betrayal, and the relationship ending, Kehlani revealed, she’d often already be at a place of lost interest and connection.

It wasn’t until her therapist asked her “how do you feel about women?,” that she realized that the way she’d react to a women’s attention, or what she could say about women and not about men, leading her to recognize that she’s “actually just gay.”

Eventually maneuvering the convo to religion, Kehlani noted “I’m very religious person, and not Christian.”

“I’m an Afro-Cuban religion,” Kehlani expressed, eventually sharing it’s name — Lucumi. “A very emphasis on spiritual hygiene and like spiritual cleanliness that’s actually like a process,” as she explained, “like I have actual things that I do when I’m feeling unwell, not just prayer.”

Doing her best to condense an more in-depth explanation of her religion, Kehlani revealed it does involve the practice of prayer. “It’s a monotheistic, so there is a God,” she added, as well as “all these pantheons… of saints.”

“Originally from West Africa, eventually brought to Cuba… when it was created,” Kehlani continued. Lucumi mixes, “this original West African tradition with Catholicism that was forced onto the slaves.”

“Birthed out of secrecy and survival,” Lucumi is used to this day to “save peoples lives, change peoples live, heal them, aid them, bring them out of struggles, comfort them… all things that people go to religion for.”

The interesting and enlightening deep dive into religion continued from there, but we don’t have all day to recap, so for that you’ll just have to listen. Which you definitely want to do in general, but especially if you want to hear Kehlani and Logan trauma bond about how both their dogs were killed by coyotes. Yes we know — morbid, but also what are the odds.

So for all that and more conversation about Kehlani going from America’s Got Talent to homelessness, being a mom, making music for “angry women” (Mike’s words), why anti-trans people need to “disappear off the planet,” face tattoo regrets and more, listen to the entire podcast episode above.

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