Keith Richards once shot a guitar, and now you can own it

Every guitar tells a story, but this one is unlike any other
Keith Richards
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Stories about Keith Richards shouldn’t surprise us at this point, but they continue to find a way.

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The Rolling Stones guitarist has his 1952 Gibson SJ Southern Jumbo Sunburst Acoustic Guitar up for auction and it has a heck of a backstory.

The listing cites a story found in the memoir of Jo Wood, the ex-wife of Ronnie Wood. During the Stones 1995 tour, Richards and Wood got into an argument in a Memphis hotel room after a show.

Richards walked into Wood’s room and found him jamming on the guitar. After asking Wood where he got the guitar from, Wood said that he borrowed it from Mick Jagger.

Apparently, this enraged Richards who then proceeded to grab the guitar, sandwich it between two pillows, and take out a gun and shoot it.

Now, the guitar can be all yours!

The New Jersey auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll has put the guitar, bullet hole and all, up for auction with an opening bid of $150,000. The guitar features the bullet hole along with remnants from the pillow Richards used to silence it.

The listing states that Richards used the guitar on stage during the Stones 1995 Totally Stripped tour and played it during every performance of “Shine A Light.” The guitar is estimated to fetch between $200,000-$250,000 at the auction.

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