Listen as Kendall Jenner opens up about finding the heart to be more kind to your inner child

Kendall joins the 'On Purpose with Jay Shetty' podcast
Kendall Jenner
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On the latest episode On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Kendall Jenner joined Jay to discuss everything from being an international supermodel to successful business founder and more.

LISTEN NOW: Kendall Jenner ON: Setting Boundaries to Increase Happiness & Healing Your Inner Child

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Kendall Jenner ON: Setting Boundaries to Increase Happiness & Healing Your Inner Child
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As Jenner has evolved from that tween we first saw on Keeping Up with the Kardashians many times over, Kendall’s current journey and next chapter in life is all about “doing what I want to do and making sure I’m happy, and finding the thing that I love.”

Aiming to remain grounded and in tune with her inner goddess, Kendall is intent on not allowing negativity and ill intentions change her purpose, who she is, and who she may become.

Showing a different side of her, behind the glamor and spotlight, Kendall and Jay talked about her childhood and her love for animals, how the simple things give her the most joys, getting through grief after losing a dear friend, finding the heart to be more kind to your inner child, and more.

“I do a lot of inner child work with my therapist,” Kendall said, relating it to a TikTok trend that coincidentally happened to also trend at the time of “a girl being like ‘any time you're mean to yourself, just think this is who you’re talking about,’ and then it flashes to a photo of her as a kid.”

Kendall continued, nothing she and her therapist suggested she place a photo of her young self on her bathroom mirror, “so that every morning, every night, every day when you walk into your bathroom and look and the mirror your looking at her and remembering that if there’s anything negative that you're saying about yourself, or ever being mean to yourself, you’re talking about her.”

After finding the perfect pic, that’s exactly what Kendall did, “I pasted in on my bathroom mirror and I talk to her… and if Im ever looking in the mirror and being negative towards myself, I always look right over to her and I’m like ‘she’s dope and I love her,’ so its just like another way of self love.”

For Kendall’s entire conversation with Jay listen to the episode above.

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