Kid Rock Wore His Finest Overalls for 'Wedding' With Loretta Lynn: 'Sorry Girls, He's Taken Now!'

Making the most of a vow-renewing ceremony

It’s a marriage few, if any, saw coming. Even if it was only for fun.

Kid Rock and Country legend Loretta Lynn got “married” over the weekend as photos on her Instagram account showed Rock down on one knee proposing to Lynn and the two holding hands. Naturally, Rock was wearing his Sunday best as he had on white overalls with a black fedora.

Lynn, 88, sent the internet into quite the whirlwind when she teased her marriage to Kid Rock, 49. The two were at the vow-renewal ceremony for Lynn’s son and daughter-in-law, Ernie and Crystal Lynn when she posted this beautiful message.

“Marriage isn't always easy--heck it's not even always pretty, but love holds you together and you push through the bad days to enjoy the good ones. I'm so proud of them and wish them years of happiness.”

Things took a dramatic turn as she followed up by admitting “things got crazy then.”

“My boy @kidrock was there and we've always teased about getting ourselves married. Well, the preacher was already there so we had some fun with it. Sorry girls, he's taken now!” She wrote.

While her followers may have gotten a good chuckle over it, Lynn apparently received enough inquiries about whether or not she had actually gotten married to Kid Rock that she took to Instagram to clarify things.

“Well, it didn’t last long, y’all but it sure was fun!” She wrote.

“I guess I better get on here and let y’all know that it was just a joke— @kidrock and I didn’t get married over the weekend, but we had a blast.”

2020, right?

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