Kim Petras is ready to 'Feed the Beast' on tour: Listen now

‘I really pushed myself in my writing and just put everything in there that I have’
Kim Petras
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Kim Petras joined podcast and radio show Most Requested Live to discuss her latest album and tour, and how she’s in her “Britney Spears popstar” era.

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With singles like the viral “Unholy” with Sam Smith and “Alone” with Nicki Minaj, Kim Petras burst into the Pop scene without having released her own solo album yet. However, this was largely in part due to her drafted debut Problématique being leaked online before its release (though she has since republished it). This set the artist back from sharing her own work, and while she told Rolling Stone she was “devastated” at the time, she is now trusting that everything happens for a reason. “I feel like the leaked album, at the end of the day, kind of became a reason for me to push myself and go work with a bunch of people,” she said, referring to her now official debut album, Feed the Beast. Petras continued, “It’s the first time I’ve really done an album the way a major label does it.”

“I traveled around, met a bunch of producers. It was so cool, I felt like Britney Spears in the 2000s making it,” she chuckled. “It was so, kind of, popstar-machine vibes.”

Feed the Beast, she told interviewer Bennett, was created as a full music collection rather than individual singles. “Albums are so important to me,” she explained. “There are some albums that I just have to listen to, I can’t just listen to a song off them I have to listen to the whole thing.” Such as albums by her biggest influences, like ‘Alone’ collaborator Nicki Minaj or Lana Del Rey. With them in mind, she sought out to create a cohesive full album. Petras continued, “I feel like every single song has its own story but they all somehow tie together really, really well. So, I’m just excited for people to hear it” before adding that she expects her fans will, “definitely freak out.” “I feel like I really pushed myself in my writing and just put everything in there that I have.”

And, while acknowledging that a studio album may have taken a bit of time, Petras is focusing on the present. “I’m just excited I get to unleash so many songs on people now, cause it’s definitely been years in the making and collecting of these songs, and it’s finally happening,” she said, as if with an audible grin. But the part Petras is most “looking forward to” is her tour, which she says has been in conception just as long as the music itself. “I feel like the second I write a song, I see what I want to wear to perform, what I want the performance to be like… I’m more excited than nervous.”

The US and North America tour leg began just this past weekend and continues into November. For specific dates and shows, check out her official Feed the Beast tour website here!

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