Kirstie Alley Says She’s ‘Handling’ the Coronavirus Outbreak with Chocolate and Booze

By , Audacy

With the coronavirus outbreak raising anxiety levels, people are finding ways to try and cope the best they can with the global health crisis.

While calling friends, meditation or binge-watching your favorite shows can all bring relief from the pandemic news, Kirstie Alley has disclosed what is working best for her during these trying times.

Bringing much-need levity to the world, the "Look Who's Talking" star took to Twitter and shared the comfort food and drink that is easing her frustrations.

“I’m having vodka and Butter Fingers for dinner,” Kirstie jokingly captioned a photo of a candy bowl overflowing with chocolates alongside a bottle of Absolut vodka. “That’s right. That’s how I’m handling this mess.”

Her relatable post got much love from her over 1.2 million followers, who were quick to give her tons of positive feedback.

“Sounds scrumptious!,” wrote one.

“I wish I could like this 400,000 times,” added a second.

“I’ll bring the ice if you’ll share the Twix,” a third noted as they expressed interest in joining her in the cocktail and chocolate meal.

Over the last few days, the 69-year-old has maintained a balance of sharing news about the outbreak and adding some lighthearted commentary.

“Number one thing NOT to do while quarantined,” she tweeted earlier in the day.  “1. Make out with the FedX guy.”

She then gave some advice as to how to keep busy with all the extra downtime.

“Three things to do while quarantined,” she wrote. “1. Clean your house 2. Clean your house 3. Clean your house.”

She finished by adding the punchline, “By the time you do these three things the quarantine will be lifted.”

Whether or not you decide to tidy up your home, having candy and a drink while self-quarantined sounds like fabulous advice, Kirstie. Cheers!

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