Lil Duval lit up Twitter, calling this rapper this generation's Ludacris

He's also staking claim on who's the next JAY-Z and Jeezy
Lil Duval
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Lil Duval typically is out here talking his s***. The rapper-actor has no problems stirring the pot and making people smile. However, his recent claims over who is this generation's *insert Hip Hop legend here* has the internet losing its mind.

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The "Smile" rapper first stated that Lil Baby is this generation's Jeezy. Yet, it was when he boldly declared that DaBaby is this generation's Ludacris that fans started a war.

One fan wrote, "that's disrespectful to Luda." To which Duval replied, "you hating if u say da baby can’t rap. I can’t believe some of y’all think da baby can’t rap. N**** be snapping to me and he street. F*** else y’all want?"

Another fan refuted the claim, saying, "I'm sorry--has Da Baby solved complex tech issues, raced with Dom Toretto, or flown in space with Tyrese?? I think TF not." Later, Duval expressed, "not that I care, but when did the debate turn into who’s the most lyrical? I never compared dababy lyrical skills or career to Luda. That’s how y’all took it cuz that’s how y’all wanted to interpret it but continue."

The entire Twitter fingers spectacle appears to be all fun and games. Duval tried to excuse himself from the debate saying, "I don’t know why I’m debating with y’all cuz y’all gon always say the person yall grew up loving is the best. I’m friends with all the n****s so it’s bias in my opinion." Neither Luda nor Jeezy have responded to the declaration.

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