Listen to TOOL and Slayer reimagined as NES 8-bit anthems

and Iron Maiden too, you're welcome
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This one’s for you all you metal heads and gamers out there. Thanks to YouTuber 8 Bit Musician, TOOL’s prog-metal anthem “Schism,” Slayer’s “Angel Of Death,” and Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” have all been Nintendo-fide.

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Besides the obvious reasons why this is absolutely epic,  8 Bit’s pure motivation to render some of metal’s most iconic standards as cheerful, uplifting and heartwarming plinky-plonky anthems for a new age makes us feel like we’re head banging while driving a pixelated car across a Nintendo gardenscape.

So without further ado… feast your ears on 8 Bit Musician's reimagined masterpieces. And if the the following three tracks do anything for you, be sure to subscribe to the visionaries YouTube channel, where similar recreations are a plenty including tracks by Opeth, Pantera, Helloween and more.

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