Audio Tweets Are a Thing Now, and Liz Phair Has Written the First Song About Them

Twitter's new feature allows users to share 140 seconds of audio

Twitter rolled out a new feature enabling users to upload and share audio only tweets. Called Voice Tweets, the feature is limited to 140-second clips giving tweeters the opportunity to record their tweets as audio.

Several musicians have become early adopters of audio tweets sharing messages to fans, previewing new music, and in one case, writing a song about it.

Liz Phair is such a huge fan of the new Voice Tweet function that she penned a song dedicated to it.

“Twitter has a new sound feature and I like it very much,” she sings. “I like it a lot, I’ll probably use it too much.”

“Oh yeah, Twitter shouldn’t do this to people/Who can’t keep their hands off instruments, can’t stop making ditties in their minds.” She continues, “Wake up from sleep with a song in their heads/Don’t be surprised if you never hear from me again because I’m just playing with the sound feature…”

If Liz Phair opts to make an entire album of Voice Tweets, she’s certainly off to a great start.

Other artists taking part in the new feature include Cardi B, who used a silly voice while testing it out. John Legend posted a preview of his duet with Jhene Aiko “U Move, I Move” from his upcoming album. Lin-Manuel Miranda “tested” out the new feature by playing “Helpless” from Hamilton on the piano.

Voice Tweets are currently being tested out to a limited group of users on iOS to begin with. However, anyone with a Twitter account will be able to see, hear, and reply to the tweets.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)