Luke Bryan and Wife Caroline Spent Their Vacation Swimming With Pigs

Their trip to the Bahamas included the perfect tour

Luke Bryan and wife Caroline are one of the funniest celebrity couples ever. The two continuously roast each other online, and just come across as the most down-to-earth they could possibly be.

Even their lavish vacation was filled with typically “Bryan” moments. The two left sons Thomas and Tatum at home, but it looks like the kids’ playful nature still came on vacation with them.

“Prime example of why we are only allowed a few days off,” Caroline joked in the caption of a photo of Luke attempting to twerk on her.

The gallery of snaps shared to her Instagram story also includes a selfie, a video of Luke showing off his dance moves, and one of him swimming with pigs. Yes, that’s right: swimming with pigs!

The new vacay trend is one that’s become popular in the Bahamas. A stretch of sand known as Big Major Cay is home to the pigs with unknown origins. The docile, snorting cuties are thought to have been abandoned on the island by sailors, but they’re now living their best lives as visitors can book tours to swim with and feed them.

The recap of their short vacation ends with an under-the-weather Luke announcing they’re going “back to the babies.” It sounds like their trip lasted just two days, but that’s all they needed before they were ready to return home to their kids.