Machine Gun Kelly blasts rockstars who wear comfortable kicks: 'I hate your f***ing shoes'

'F*** your Nike f***ing New Balances comfy shoes'
Machine Gun Kelly
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Machine Gun Kelly made waves across the indie and punk scenes this week after sharing his thoughts on what he thinks is appropriate attire for artists on stage.

In a recent interview, MGK explained why in his view “the state of rock and roll depends on rockstars” and revealed his controversial thoughts on musicians wearing “comfortable shoes” while performing in front of crowds. His issue, in particular... Warped Tour footwear. And wouldn't you know it, there were folks out there who felt the need to defend their feet.

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"I gotta see some ‘f*** you,’ I have to," Kelly said about his stagewear expectations. "I want some attitude, dude. This is what I f***ing hate. I did Warped Tour and these [people] would wear comfortable shoes onstage every day. F*** your Nike f***ing New Balances comfy shoes because it makes you feel comfortable. Put on some Dr. Martens, put on some f***ing Chucks, put on some Vans. It’s not about you, it’s about the show. You don’t look cool, man. I hate your f***ing feet, I hate your f***ing shoes, I hate everything about your-rock and roll’s not comfortable, it’s uncomfortable. It’s a metaphor. Your shoes are a metaphor, f*** you.”

The backlash arrived rather quickly, with some artists describing their own tour experiences that may or may not have been quite different than Kelly's.

Eventually, MGK addressed the entire situation with some humor and humility.

Kelly tweeted, “to the bands mad i said they wear ‘comfy shoes’ – i’m very sorry that i can get you this upset just by talking about your little pointy new balances. i wear pink so like…what do i know anyway”.

Basically, relax.

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