EXCLUSIVE: Madison Beer Is Ready to Tackle Personal 'Dark Moments' on Upcoming Album

Plus a look inside her new song ‘Good in Goodbye’

The wait will be worth it, as Madison Beer prepares to release her debut album this year. The singer shared with RADIO.COM that it’s well on its way, and it will be a chance for her to talk about the tougher topics in her life.

“It’s a really representative body of work of my last year or two of life,” she admits. “I touch on topics that I feel like I’ve never really touched on publicly, and speaking on them in a way that I’m comfortable. I think that’s the most exciting part for me about the album.”

Say it in a song. Beer will lend her dynamic voice to shed some light on her own struggle, tacking personal pain through her first LP. “Coming out and talking about certain dark moments, or depression, or suicidal thoughts. It’s hard for me to talk about it conversationally and so expressing that through my music and having that be the first step into opening up about those kind of things I think is good. I’m excited to finally have this message get across that I am human and we all go through similar things at the end of the day.”

The latest sample of her upcoming album is “Good in Goodbye,” a wonderful wordplay gem that finds Madison showing off vicious vocabulary skills and commanding the mid-tempo groove. “The inspiration for ‘Good in Goodbye’ is mainly closing off a negative chapter in your life and moving on to something better, and looking forward to the positives. So focusing on the good that’s in goodbye,” she smiles.

“The whole second verse is my favorite part of the song,” Beer adds. “I think I like the attitude behind, ‘you’re killing my vibe in ways words cannot describe, but I’ll try.’ I kind of like that attitude, and it’s something that was said so casually in the room that I think having it in the song is very representative of how poetic, in a way, this song was. It was just a really easy song to write. It was a flow.”

For more from Madison Beer including who is on her list of dream collaborations, check out the full video above.

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