‘Mare of Easttown’ star turns out to be second-generation Hollywood royalty


Kate Winslet was in “Titanic” with Bill Paxton, who was in “Apollo 13” with Kevin Bacon. Nailed it, two connections!

But now, the Brit has an even stronger link to Bacon after Internet sleuths figured out that Bacon’s daughter with actress Kyra Sedgwick is one of the stars of Winslet’s hit HBO series “Mare of Easttown.”

While her last name should have been a major clue, it took fans of the detective drama a bit of time to piece together that Sosie Bacon, 29, is the daughter of the longtime Hollywood couple.

As pointed out by Today, Bacon’s Hollywood royalty status was not exactly a secret, as her proud father, 62, posted a video on his Instagram account extolling his daughter’s talents on the crime series.

“Hey, everybody, I just want to say I'm watching that show, what's it called? ‘Mare of Easttown.’ Yeah, it's good. I especially like that actress, what's her name? Sosie something? I don't remember her last name but it's like Sosie, I don't know, Sosie Hoagie or I don’t know, Sosie Wawa,” joked the Golden Globe winner, before proclaiming “it’s just a good show, I like it.”

Bacon’s heart wrenching turn as a heroin addict who is trying to turn her life around in order to win custody of her child is one of several plotlines in “Mare of Easttown” that focus on the tragic effects of drug addiction in the fictional Delaware County, Pennsylvania community.

The actress said that despite her connection to the area (her paternal grandfather is famed urban planner Edmund Bacon, who is considered by some as the “Father of Modern Philadelphia”), she had a hard time getting the region’s accent down, reports PhillyVoice.

“It was tough. I mean, I'm so impressed by [Winslet's] accent because she's not even American and she did it better than anyone. It was hard, especially because my family is from Philly. Not only everyone I knew was going to judge the accent. I was also like, oh my God, my family, I'm going to let them down if I don't get this,” said Bacon.

Sosie’s brother is also a performer: the 31-year old musician has composing credits on several TV movies and is currently a member of the metal band Black Anvil.

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