Meek Mill compares 'Squid Game' to 'hood poverty': 'It's the exact same thing'

Meek Mill has entered the 'Squid Game' chat
Meek Mill
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It seems pretty much everyone’s talking about Squid Game these days, including Meek Mill, who had some thoughts about the show parallels to "hood poverty".

Squid Game, which is btw well on its way to become the most watched series ever on Netflix (#netFLEX) follows 456 cash-strapped contestants that accept an invitation to compete in children's games with deadly stakes, for a tempting massive cash prize.

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As Netflix’s Vice President of Content for Asia Pacific, Minyoung Kim, recently told The Hollywood Reporter, “the essence of the show is its commentary on social injustice — class divisions and financial inequality…These social injustice issues aren’t only Korean — the whole world is struggling with them.” Which clearly Meek agrees with, by pointing out the similar issues of economic disparity in America.

Meek joined the viral conversation about the Netflix surprise hit, by taking to Twitter to compare aspects of the shows to what he called “hood poverty.”

“Squid games’ pay attention how fast people switch and kill each other to survive,” Meek wrote. “Now think about the ‘hood’ poverty’s the exact same thing ...if you just help them with work/money they won’t be that way ‘just a common sense message.’”

While some agreed with both Kim and Meek that those “elements made the show resonate strongly outside of Korea as well.”

Commenting with responses like,“Exactly.. the people in power know this to be true they're just playing real life squid games with the hood . Organized confusion!!!!!.”

Not everyone agreed with Meek’s interpretation.

“It takes more than work/money. Sorry @MeekMill, the hood poverty excuse needs to stop being the “go to.” reason we “understand” & “overlook” all this senseless killing.,” wrote one follower.

While another replied,“In principle you’re right. But the squid game players (adults) willingly chose to return to survival mode fully aware of the consequences, the hood poverty “players” (kids) are born into survival mode not fully aware. Jobs and money are too simple a solution.”

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