Meet the giant teddy bear that’s walking from Los Angeles to San Francisco

An interview with Bearsun that you have to hear

If you’ve been cruising on a California highway and passed by a person dressed in a bear costume, don’t fret.

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The giant life-size teddy bear goes by the name of “Bearsun” and is in the midst of walking the entire distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Audacy’s Stryker & Klein were able to get a hold of Bearsun and let’s just say it’s a conversation you need to hear.

Bearsun told Stryker & Klein that he started on April 12 and after some hazy math calculations, estimates he’s walked about a hundred miles so far. He initially wanted to reach San Francisco by April 17, but is a little over 300 miles away at present.

Bearsun, whose real name is Jessy, created the character with his friends. “I always wanted to do something with it, something different and unique,” he says. “The whole Walt Disney story is something I keep in mind. How he managed to innovate and really try to convince people to take animation seriously and he used orchestra music to interpret movement.”

“He took something that people didn’t see and made them see it,” he added.

Bearsun’s website links to a GoFundMe aiming to raise $10,000 for the walk. He says he hopes donations from this event will help grow the Bearsun character and raise money to donate to nonprofits.

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