Method Man apologizes to Beyoncé and Destiny's Child 21 years later: 'Y'all did not deserve that'

The legendary rapper cleared the air on the ‘My Expert Opinion’ podcast
Method Man
Photo credit Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Two decades later, Method Man has issued an apology to Destiny's Child.

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The Wu-Tang Clan rapper cleared the air on the My Expert Opinion podcast hosted by Math Hoffa. Method Man recalled meeting Destiny’s Child in 1999. At the time, the group’s lineup featured Beyoncé, Kelly Rolland, and previous members LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson.

“I see the girls, and so, you know, I kind of moseyed out of my seat to go and say what's up to them," Method Man said on the podcast. “I go over to say hi to them, and when I said hi, they didn't even turn around and acknowledge me. Now, my a** in my head with my low self-esteem is like, 'Oh, they just s*** on me.' When in fact they didn't even hear me,"

In addition to having low self-esteem, Method Man admitted that he was battling addiction, depression and anxiety at that point in his life. "They put their hands out to shake, and I kept my hand here and was like, 'Go head with that Hollywood s***,'" Meth said of his next encounter with the group, which at the time was now a trio. "To this day, that s*** hurt my heart, because neither Kelly, Beyoncé, or Michelle ever did any f****** thing to me. You know?" Method Man formally apologized to all the members of Destiny’s Child, saying “Y'all did not deserve that. At all."

Beyoncé's mother Tina Lawson, acknowledged Method Man’s apology in an Instagram post writing, “Thank you, Method Man. It takes a real man to tell this story! Such a great example for other young men. Don't assume someone is dissing you!”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Leon Bennett/Getty Images