Musiq Soulchild on how Hip-Hop and Philly influenced his sound

'I grew up in the Hip-Hop generation'
Musiq Soulchild
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During a recent chat with Audacy's D2thaC in St. Louis, Musiq Soulchild got candid about what genre he identifies his music to be, opened up about how Philly influenced his sound, and more.

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Known for his R&B and Neo soul vibes, Musiq Soulchild was asked what he views his particular musical stylings to be. “I identify more with Hip-Hop Soul,” he answered, “but y’know I accept whatever people identify me as, as long as they support and show up, I appreciate all of it.”

Fun fact about Musiq (if you didn’t already know), he used to beat box back in the day. “That’s the Hip-Hop part,” he noted. “I was heavily influenced by Hip-Hop music, I grew up in the Hip-Hop generation so that takes up a good portion of my motivation in music and how I present in music.”

“I think people are missing an important part of what I have to offer, if they don’t consider the Hip-Hop side,” he added. “But some people y’know, focus on what they focus on… and all the parts that they enjoy and it’s all good.”

Native to Philly, Musiq’s music was heavily influenced by his surroundings growing up. “That’s where I was raised, so it heavily influenced my perspective on life through music and creativity. I’m sure it probably would have sounded a little different if I came up in different parts of the country or in the world.”

“Philly is a musical town, and a lot of other things, but music played a really big part… So that definitely contributed to my overall development, and ultimately what I ended up being — Musiq Soulchild to you guys.”

Currently on the Soul II Soul Tour with Kem and Ledisi through May 12, Musiq offered up what one should expect from him as he hits the stage. For one his objective is to continue to “celebrate the music I was blessed to put out and you guys so graciously supported me with. But more importantly expect to get there early, cause I go on first.”

To catch the whole conversation, listen to the entire interview above.

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