Nessa Barrett finally has the opportunity to perform her music in front of a live audience

Barrett began her music career during the pandemic

For a lot of artists, the first year of your music career can be spent perfecting your songs in front of a live audience. Seeing how people react to them in concert and making any tweaks you see appropriate. For Nessa Barrett, that opportunity to perform in front of a crowd didn’t come until now.

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Nessa joined Audacy’s Bru live at Lollapalooza and spoke about the feeling of finally performing in front of an audience. “I started my music career during COVID so I haven’t really been able to go out there and perform,” Barrett said.

Starting your music career during the pandemic is certainly a unique experience. Now that she’s finally able to take the stage, Barrett described her feelings. “It’s bittersweet in a way,” she said. “You get so eager being cooped up inside. You can’t see how much people actually support you and you can’t really feed off of anyone else's energy when you’re making music and releasing it.”

On the other hand, Barrett was able to take advantage of the time to focus on herself. “I also had time to grow,” she says, “I was able to work on my stuff at home and now I’m ready to get out there.”

When she finally takes the stage at Lollapalooza, there’s going to be thousands of concertgoers singing her songs back to her. “It’s insane,” Nessa said of the feeling knowing people will be singing along with her. “I can’t even fathom how that would ever feel.”

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