Noah Kahan, the self-proclaimed 'Guy Fieri for gas stations,' guesses Dave Grohl's go-to snacks

'Selection and variety of snacks is really important to me'
Noah Kahan live performance
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"Stick Season" musician Noah Kahan has been all over social media recently with reviews of the various gas stations he's visited in his travels - even garnering the attention of certain brands clamoring for the title of favorite.

LISTEN NOW: Noah Kahan talks with Audacy's Julia

In a conversation with Audacy's Julia, Kahan riffed over his love of a good gas station and what he'd buy for the likes of Oprah, Dave Grohl, and Rihanna if tasked with grabbing their road trip snacks.

It all starts with a solid gas station. Kahan's top 10% of gas stations have a few things in common: "Selection and variety of snacks is really important to me... if it's all branded to the gas station, I just don't trust it."

"No hate to anybody, but you know who you are," he continued. "If you have the Cookies & Cream Muddy Buddies, I'm locked in. You have to have BIGS sunflower seeds, not David's...and you gotta have Tabasco Slim Jims."

Cereal bars and "a good selection of Gatorade and Powerade" will earn the gas station some merit as well. "I'm giving you a couple points in the ranking," Kahan said.

One element that's sure to send a gas station straight to the bottom of the list is poor bathroom quality. "I can't stand when I go into a bathroom and they're disgusting and unclean... you need a Dyson dryer - it changes everything," he explained.

Julia then asked Kahan the ultimate question - what would he buy for various celebrities if given the chance to pick out their gas station snacks?

"I think I'd probably get Oprah a Midnight Cherry Gatorade... I'd get her a couple dark chocolate and peanut Kind bars... maybe some Kettle Corn Popcorners," Kahan began.

Onto Dave Grohl... "I would get him a Tabasco Slim Jim... a Cherry Dr. Pepper and a tin of Wintergreen ZYN, 6 milligrams."

Despite being limited to a gas station pit stop selection, Kahan knows when it's time to step up his game. "I would get Rihanna one of those incredibly expensive looking waters... and then I would get her some old fashioned candy... some Red Kite Caramels."

While fans are patiently awaiting more music out of the Vermont native, Kahan is starting to grapple with the idea of a new calling. "I'll just be the Guy Fieri for gas stations."

Listen to the full interview with Noah Kahan above.

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