RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: ARASHI is getting the party started with a fresh new single

The new J-Pop track is here to lift your spirits

ARASHI, which means “storm” in Japanese has been around since 1999, but since the mid-2000s, the five-member boy band has gained traction around the world. The group has quite literally taken the J-pop scene by storm. The boy band is beloved in Japan. Satoshi OhnoSho SakuraiMasaki AibaKazunari Ninomiya, and Jun Matsumoto make up the group and got their start in Hawaii.

Now with their single “Whenever You Call” blowing up since its release, and their newest single “Party Starters” dropping today, ARASHI sits down with RADIO.COM's Kevan Kenney to answer questions from the fans and give us insight into all their new music.

When discussing “Whenever You Call” one of the group’s favorite lines from the song is “my love for you ain’t never gonna change.” They share, “It’s all about how it’s spoken… it has a good rhythm that just feels good to sing.” And when collaborating with Bruno Mars on the song ARASHI shares, “So the experience of working with someone as globally renowned as him was really fantastic… not only to have someone of his esteem to be able to produce and write the song for us, but also just the support he was able to give in terms of helping us really bring out the best of what we’re able to do for this kind of song.”

ARASHI also discusses how they work to appeal to a global audience. When asked if they create songs differently for fans in Japan versus fans outside of Japan they explain, “In terms of being songs for Japan or for Western markets, there really isn’t much of a difference… but certainly the ability to have the songs be in English and the ability, through English to be able to reach so many people as well as seeing different kinds of reactions being posted to social media was a really surprising — in a positive way — experience.”

ARASHI’s upcoming online concert has fans from around the world overjoyed. “So we’re really excited! This is definitely something that we’ve been looking forward to and we’re deep in rehearsals right now. And although there is slight disappointment to the fact that fans won’t be able to be there with us, the fact that we’re able to do the online version and be able to reach more people is something that’s really exciting to us,” shares the group.

And finally, now that “Party Starters” has arrived, the band is ecstatic to share the new single with the world. ARASHI enlisted the talents of producer Sam Hollander, who’s worked with Panic at the Disco and Fitz and the Tantrums, to create a track to “bolster everyone’s spirits with a bright and happy party tune,” shares Jun. Sho also adds, “Despite the 21 years we’ve been doing this, this was a first and extremely fresh experience.”

“Party Starters” is out everywhere now.

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