RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: Paris Hilton’s 'I Blame You' is a product of her newfound authenticity

'I blame you for me being the happiest I’ve ever been'
By , Audacy

In 2006 Paris Hilton threw her hat into the pop music ring and essentially changed pop culture forever with her debut, self-titled album Paris. Listening to “Stars Are Blind” transports us back to a world of Juicy Couture tracksuits and Von Dutch apparel so quickly we barely have time to snap our Razr flip-phones closed.

Now our girl is back with the cultural reset that 2020 has been begging for, with her new single “I Blame You.” Hilton is coming for every pop princesses' neck with this new little love song bop. And from everything Paris has teased on social media, we should expect the most.

During her RADIO.COM LIVE Check in with Ryan MitchellHilton tells us she has a lot in the works. The socialite turned business mogul has a second studio album coming and we can anticipate contributions from Kim Petras, The Nervo Twins, and DJ and producer, Benny Benassi.

On working with Petras, Paris gushes in her signature valley girl tone, “Kim has actually been writing me a song. I will be in the studio singing that, I love Kim, she’s such a queen and so iconic. I’m so proud of her, so I can’t wait to hear the song she comes up with for me.” Petras even made an appearance in a teaser Tik Tok video for “I Blame You” that Hilton shared across social media, that had fans freaking out.

Hilton explains, “I have a lot of songs I’ve been working on. I have another song that’s coming out soon called ‘Pickle’ with The Nervo Twins.” She laughs when she adds, “Yup, there’s definitely a double meaning to that song… it's a lot of fun.” Paris has been consistently producing and writing throughout her time at home and limited travel schedule due to the pandemic. “I’ve just been non-stop in the studio,” says Hilton.

“I Blame You” is the first love song that Paris has released in a few years. After focusing heavily on dance music, she’s created a song that is inspired by the love of her life, Carter. “I wanted to do this love ballad for him… basically 'I Blame You' is I blame you for me being the happiest I’ve ever been.”

However, there is more beneath the surface of all the music that Paris is releasing. This new happy music could not come without opening up about her prior experiences with trauma. In her newest documentary This Is Paris,  the pop culture powerhouse reveals that she too faced traumatic abuse after being sent to the Provo Canyon School. Throughout the film, we learn so much more about the layers that make up the public figure, Paris Hilton.

It has now become Paris’s mission and "purpose in life" to put an end to abuse within these teen programs. The star is giving all of the proceeds from “I Blame You” to the Breaking Code Silence movement, an organization that seeks to end abuse within the troubled teen industry.

During the pandemic, Paris has had time to reflect on the film and shares, “before I did this film I really didn’t know who I was. I’m just learning so much about myself, just how strong I am, and how resilient I am.” She continues, “also, just with all the traumatic experiences that I discuss in the film, just how they’ve affected my life and shaped the woman that I am today.”

Hilton says that reliving so much of her past for the documentary felt triggering. “Just going through those experiences of abuse and torture was just something I never wanted to think about. So, when I got out of there I made a promise that I was never going to talk about it with anyone and just try to act like it didn’t happen, but during filming, I just became so close with the director, I felt I could tell her anything, and I started opening up to her about things that I have literally never discussed with not even my family or closest friends,” Paris reveals.

At first, Paris did not want to include her past in the film, however, the director behind This Is Paris, Alexandra Dean urged Hilton to include her stories because the information could save other kids who are facing the same type of abuse.

Paris explains that the whole experience became very “therapeutic and cathartic.” She also adds, “It was very empowering to finally solve that and talk about it… I’m just so proud that I finally told my true story… This was the first time I’ve actually been myself. I’ve only shown the world the character that I portrayed on The Simple Life, and that’s just something I’ve been doing for my entire career.” Paris is finally herself and showing the world “I’m not a dumb blonde, I’m just very good at pretending to be one.”

"I Blame You" is out everywhere today. All proceeds from the song go to the Breaking Code Silence movement.

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