RADIO.COM LIVE Check In: Sabrina Carpenter on why 'blonde' was more than a rhyme in 'Skin'

The singer unpacks her honest approach to her new single
By , Audacy

As promised, Sabrina Carpenter checked in with RADIO.COM to chat with Julia all about her new vulnerable single “Skin,” and discuss all the deets us and the rest of the internet could want to know about it.

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Never actually naming names in regards to the Disney Channel love triangle that inspired her song, Sabrina addressed how the drama while irritatingly expected, is also uncontrollable. Opening up about how what she choses to do with it, is under her control.

“I guess you never really know when you’re in it, I guess I’ll be able to look at it a couple days from now and be like ‘woah that was crazy’,” Sabrina said. “But right now I’m just grateful… any time you’re able to be honest with yourself and write a song and people care enough to listen is a win, so I’m very grateful.”

Even at the young age of 22, Sabrina has been in this business for a long time, making her very much aware of how uncontrollable other people’s perceptions can be. Which is why, when it came to releasing “Skin,” Sabrina admitted it was “probably one of the things I’ve been most nervous to put out, but that was also something exciting about it.”

“Because there’s only so many times in life when we really get to write about what’s affecting us in the moment.” As a songwriter Sabrina is constantly imagining and writing down ideas for songs, “but very rarely do I sit down with a purpose and really write exactly what I want to write,” she noted.

While Carpenters situation varies from the average person in terms of national recognition, that aside, she’s confident that “a lot of people have probably felt that way… in there personal lives.”

“It’s such a struggle not to be able to control the narrative and know that whether you say something or whether you don’t say something, people are gonna be mad at you either way…. It’s really just one of those things where you have to kind of to do for yourself at the end of the day and do it in the hopes that someone can find inspiration in the message.”

Sabrina went on to point out “maybe there’s no gravity in the words we write,” as one of her favorite lyrics in the song. Revealing she wrote it knowing the answer, “because there’s very obviously gravity in the words that we put out.”

However, growing up in the age of social media, where as Sabrina put it, “people feel the need to always insert there opinions. Sometimes it’s easier to shut your mouth than other times… And this time I wrote a song and I’m very proud of it, and I’m glad that people are receiving it well.”

Hidden meanings and pointed lyrics aside, at its core the song is about not letting people under your skin, “or knowing that they will either way,” as Sabrina said. “At the end of the day, you have you, and you have to protect yourself and your own happiness and peace.”

The closest we got to a direct acknowledgment of the the Olivia Rodrigo dramz was Sabrina’s explanation for using the word “blonde,” knowing how it was going to be perceived.

“At the end of the day, the more I dance around the subject, the less people kind of understand where I’m coming from. Not that the goal is to get them to understand, ’cause I don’t think at the end of the day you’re ever going to accomplish that.”

For Sabrina it was about being honest, and while that was clearly the most obvious, timely and culturally relative one. Sabrina continues to insist the song is not just about one person and one situation. “Plenty of other things have happened in this past year alone in my life that I was like… I need to compile these thoughts into one place, into one message that I can kind of come full circle with and constantly remind myself that people can only get to you if you allow them to.”

Throughout the rest of their conversation Sabrina and Julia went on to discuss the use of music to confront anxiety, and the concept behind the song’s music video, plus some special effects secrets. Also on the list of talking points, her new journey with Island Records and her upcoming project with Netflix, Alice. And while Julia tried to get Sabrina to disclose details about her yet to be released song with the third, yet probably most crucial member of the love triangle, Joshua Bassett, “We Both Know," Sabrina, as excepted didn’t give much away, closing the interview out by saying“ I guess you’ll have to see.”

Check out Sabrina’s entire interview above.

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