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Danielle Bradbery
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Throughout the month of March, RADIO.COM will be celebrating the Leading Ladies of Country music with special interviews and performances from some of the biggest female names in the genre -- all culminating with a virtual end-of-month concert event.

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In honor of Women’s History Month, we're celebrating the power of Women in Country by honoring iconic heritage female artists, showcasing the genre's rising stars, and spotlighting today’s hit female artists. Today RADIO.COM welcomes Danielle Bradbery! Don't miss her full interview and performance of "Never Have I Ever" above.

Danielle joins RADIO.COM's Rob + Holly as one of the women at the forefront of our celebrations this month and she's dressed for the part -- looking as if she's about to take over a few companies, according to Holly! Regarding the Leading Ladies who have made a difference in her life, Danielle says she can name more than one, but the female who comes to mind first is "powerhouse woman" Carrie Underwood. But, "it flip-flops," she admits. "Right now, I'm super into Shania Twain and just how she was -- and still is. She's still killing it. But back then, she paved her own way and I feel paving your own way is such a big topic right now, especially for women."

"I have so much respect for her... and I feel like I'm not the only one. She's Shania Twain," Danielle laughs. "Lately, she's been a name and a woman that's been a little brighter with my music, paving my path, and all of that... it's been such an inspiration to look up her stuff."

Speaking from experience, Danielle offers up some advice for singers looking to make it in the industry: "Be truly, and stand for truly who you are as a person. Because I started this so young... even now I'm like, 'who am I, really?' You're still developing, and I feel like we never stop, no matter what age you are. You're still growing and you learn things every single day."

"In the beginning, I didn't really know who Danielle Bradbery was, I'm still finding that out," she adds. "But staying true to who you are is so important. There are bigger voices that'll try to lead you astray and to somebody that you don't like. So stay true to who you are... run with it and have fun."

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