RAYE invites us in to the making of 'My 21st Century Blues'

'I’m so proud of it, the reaction has been so beautiful'
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Fresh off the plane from across the pond, RAYE stopped by Audacy studios to chat with Bru all about her new debut album My 21st Century Blues, single “Escapism” and a whole lot more.

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“I’ve waited a long time to put out a body of work out… I’m so proud of it, the reaction has been so beautiful, and I just love this music, and I’m just happy that it's out there in the world," RAYE said.

After having listened to the album so many times before putting it out, RAYE, noted that during that time “I wonder what do people think, I try to imagine how they feel when they listen to it. But now it’s out, it’s in the world and I’m just touring it which is beautiful.”

As she noted, RAYE is currently in the midst of tour life, which “has been amazing… to just hear people singing back all the words its just kind of surreal.” And with 138 shows set for this year, RAYE plans to keep those good vibes going. All while maintaining discipline and routine, which as a self-proclaimed creative free-spirit, RAYE admitted she’s “really just gotta grow up,” prioritizing health, sleep, and a clean nose.

RAYE also got into explaining the art piece she put together for the album cover, with some help from her little sister.

“It’s the album artwork and I wanted to create this huge representation, y’know I was a kid when I decided I wanted to become a musician, I was like 8 years old. And y’know when you’re that age you still think your parents are like invincible and… you just see dreams and stars… there’s like no awareness of reality I think in like in a sense, as it should be as a kid.”

“I just had no idea when I was that young girl, everything I was gonna go through and experience… All the dark parts and the ugly parts as well. And there’s a lot of things that go on behind the music industry, and we all know it. It’s cut-throat, it’s tough, and there’s not great people. And I kind of wanted to create a visual representation of this little girl sitting on top, in shoes that are too big for her, looking down at her dreams, and it’s kind of a weird cascade of empty instruments. Just to represent maybe how my career has felt in a way… yeah… not to be too negative, but to keep it real.”

RAYE also went on to spill about her recent awkward Uber mishap, share her experience filming the self-directed “raw and honest” music video for “Ice Cream Man,” sharing some advice for anyone who might have also gone through a traumatizing experience.

To hear the whole conversation listen to the entire interview above.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Callum Walker Hutchinson