Ron Howard’s Daughter Bryce Dallas Howard Explores Fatherhood in ‘Dads’ Doc

By , Audacy

Bryce Dallas Howard is exploring her relationship with her father Ron Howard.

The “Jurassic World” actress is making her directorial debut with “Dads,” a documentary that’s coming out on Apple TV+ this Friday, two days before Father’s Day.

While her relationship with her “Happy Days” vet dad is at the core of the film, Bryce talks to other fathers in the film — six from different parts of the world, and some celeb other dads too.

Speaking to GMA, the actress recalled an “incredible experience” at the heart of the film — watching her father Ron share fatherly advice with her only brother, Reed, during a baby shower for him and his wife Ashley. The men were in the basement while the party was going on.

"I was filming them there and I realized that men have no rite of passage when they become fathers," the actress told the outlet.

"Here we are upstairs hearing the screams of countless women supporting Ashley in this adventure she was about to start, and yet my brother was downstairs with my dad just sort of, like, you know, hiding.”

Her father Ron is touched by the film, which he produced in addition to appearing in. Howard says it offers a deeper glimpse into fatherhood than is typically explored in society.

"They talk about work, they talk about sports, they talk about other things," Ron Howard said. "Sure, they mention the kids, but when you see the men talk about and understand what their emotional investment is in the job, you recognize first that we all have that in common."

Howard added: "I mean, many of these guys wound up being very emotional and crying, you know, during the course of their interviews. It's powerful and it's unifying and I think that's what surprised me the most. It's just how much it can really matter."

“Dads” is released on Apple TV+ on Friday, June 19.

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