Sam Smith hilariously addresses that Adele rumor: 'Everyone seems to think that I'm Adele in drag'

'We've never been seen in the same room together'
Adele and Sam Smith
Photo credit Gareth Cattermole and Omar Vega/Getty Images
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Question. Has anyone actually ever seen Sam Smith and Adele together in the same room? Because rumor has it… the singers might be one and the same.

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During an upcoming appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Smith, who identifies using they/them pronouns, revealed that the craziest rumor they've ever heard about themself was that they are secretly the "Hello" singer, and Sam Smith is a drag persona… or wait, is it the other way around? We'll let Sam clarify.

"Everyone seems to think that I'm Adele in drag," Smith says in a preview from an upcoming episode of Drew’s talk show. "'Cause we've never been seen in the same room together, and if you slow down her voice it sounds maybe a bit like mine. So people think that we're the same person and I'm just in drag right now.”

The laughable conspiracy theory that Smith and Adele are the same person seems to have started circulating the internet in 2018, when one person posted a video of Adele’s music slowed down, which ended up sounding like Smith. Just as Smith explained in the clip.

“Did you know that when you slow down Adele it’s actually Sam Smith,” the user tweeted along with video “evidence.”

That same year, someone else weighed in on the matter, tweeting, “Anyone notice that Adele isn’t at the Grammys this year? It’s because Adele and Sam Smith are the same person and you’ll never see them both in the same place at the same time.”

Well, as mind-blowing as it would be, the likelihood of this rumor being facts, is slim to, actually no, just none. But if the duo would like to dispel any remaining believers by blessing our ears with a collab and joint live performance, we certainly wouldn’t object.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole and Omar Vega/Getty Images