Scotty McCreery and wife Gabi are 'over the moon' in anticipation of their first baby boy

'She's pretty far along at this point, we're over halfway there'
Scotty McCreery
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Joining Audacy hosts Rob + Holly this week is one of our favorite American Idol alums to not just talk music, but give us some exciting details after he and his wife Gabi, just announced that they are expecting their first child, a boy, this fall.

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The couple's announcement arrived just days after they celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in mid-June, telling the world that Baby McCreery is due in November. Scotty says he and Gabi "are stoked," about their bouncing baby boy on the way. “We’re over the moon, glad it's finally out there... it's such a huge blessing." Although the announcement is recent, the couple kept the news close to their hearts for some time before revealing it to fans. "She's pretty far along at this point, we're over halfway there, but we wanted to have a few months where just family and friends knew."

"I'm the only boy on both sides of my family, and Gabi came from two sisters, so I totally thought it was gonna be a girl," he admits. They even had a girl's name picked out in anticipation, but not a boy's name... yet. He's just looking forward to playing sports with his son, "just because that's such a huge thing for me," he says. "Baseball... Gabi's gonna give him a soccer ball because she's great at it. Golf, all that stuff, and then once he’s old enough, we'll get him a little guitar and see if he wants to play guitar too... whatever he wants to do is great!"

Elsewhere during the chat, Scotty takes us behind the scenes of his emotional single "Five More Minutes," which was written after his grandfather had passed, but chose to sit on it for a few years before releasing it to the world.

A huge George Strait fan, Scotty also gives us some details about his Same Truck single "Damn Strait" -- one of only two singles he's released that he didn't write but stopped him in his tracks. Similarly, a song Scotty wishes he had written or recorded is one of Thomas Rhett's early singles, as well as Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places" because having such a massive hit would have allowed him to retire early!

Listen to Rob & Holly’s full chat with Scotty McCreery above, and stay tuned for even more conversations with your favorite artists right here on Audacy.

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