Sharon Osbourne Applauds Adele for New Look: 'It Was Her Time to Lose Weight'

'Everybody should be happy for her'
By , Audacy

Adele's dramatic weight loss has shocked fans around the world, and it has become the new center of the body image debate - with some split about the singer's new look.

Sharon Osbourne recently discussed the birthday photo the singer posted on Instagram last week, going into detail about her personal feelings on the subject during her CBS show, The Talk.

Adele has been posting sporadic photos of her weight loss journey on social media, and the Internet has been struggling with how to respond. Sharon, never one to hold her thoughts back, explained that she is thrilled to see the singer has slimmed down for what she assumes is health reasons.

“I totally understand with Adele," Osbourne said. "It was her time to lose weight that’s all in her journey and her life. She must have felt, you know what, I am going to try and lose weight for wherever reason — health, I am sure.

“She looks absolutely fantastic. I am happy for her and everybody should be happy for her, because it was her choice. She didn’t do it for anybody else but herself. And so everybody should be happy for her.”

Osbourne went on to say that she believes women who are overweight are never truly happy with themselves.

“When these women say that they are really happy in their body, I don’t believe them,” Osbourne explained. “My body was really, really big. But I wasn’t happy. Sure on the surface, but at night in bed alone I was very unhappy.”

Sharon bases her view on the time in her life she says she used her size as a "shield" when she was "100 pounds overweight" battling her own body image issues. She says she found herself to be more comfortable when around bigger women. "I felt like we had something in common. We never spoke about it, but there was this underlying connection we had and I always felt like that.”

"I loved it because every guy was my friend and I was never a threat to any woman. And I used to have the best time with guys as it was ‘Bring Sharon along, she is good for a laugh.’ I kept it as a shield.”

Sharon Osbourne isn't the only daytime host discussing Adele's recent transformation. Watch below as Whoopi Goldberg and more of The View ladies dive in and express their own adulation regarding the singer's weight loss.

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