Sharon Osbourne reveals receipts after Sheryl Underwood says she hadn't apologized

Events are still unfolding in the world of 'The Talk'
Sharon Osbourne
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If you've been following along with The Talk, you know there has been some turmoil amongst the hosts over the past few weeks.

Events are still unfolding following a heated exchange in early March between Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood about whether or not news personality Piers Morgan made racist comments in the wake of Meghan Markle's Oprah interview. Sharon had defended his right to free speech, while Sheryl vehemently disagreed and alleged Sharon was validating racist speech.

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Ending a run of almost 11 years serving as co-host, Sharon exited the show after a CBS investigation which on March 26 stated, "The events of the March 10 broadcast were upsetting to everyone involved, including the audience watching at home." Adding, "As part of our review, we concluded that Sharon's behavior toward her co-hosts during the March 10 episode did not align with our values for a respectful workplace."

Sharon has since addressed the situation, publicly pledging to be more clear in her statements moving forward, apologizing for any harm she has caused, and promising to learn from the incident. Also addressing the altercation, in her own way, is Sheryl. On her Sheryl Underwood Radio podcast, a three-part series titled "Sharon Walks Away" was released from April 2 through 4, in which she claims to have not heard from Sharon since their life-altering fall out. "No, OK, I've been looking through my phone," she said. "No. I can go back as far as I can go. No."

Sharon disagrees, and provided proof to the Daily Mail in the form of text message screenshots. "I not only sent these messages to Sheryl but I apologized to her in person in her dressing room,' Osbourne says. "Why are you saying I never apologized Sheryl? What are you trying to do to me?" Sharon continued, "Why are you trying to destroy my reputation? Just be honest. Tell me."

While CBS also stated late last month that the network and people who run the show are ultimately "accountable for what happened during that broadcast as it was clear the co-hosts were not properly prepared by the staff for a complex and sensitive discussion involving race," Sharon has expressed frustration and feels "blindsided" by it all. Telling Variety she was set up by the network, "I'm a big girl. I'm a professional," she said. "However, CBS blindsided me... I don't know why they did it to me. The showrunners told me it came from executives to do this to me."

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