Stephen Colbert and James Corden Return to Studio for Late Night Tapings


After the coronavirus pandemic left TV show studios shuttered, James Corden and Stephen Colbert are hitting their desks once more.

The CBS late-night hosts, who shepherd "The Late Late Show" and "The Late Show" respectively, have been coining their famous bits from the comfort of their homes while they waited out the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, the two hosts are returning to their sets for in-studio tapings of their shows, albeit without live studio audiences.

Colbert kicked off Monday night's episode of "The Late Show" with a monologue about the condition of his tapings.

"I'm back in New York City, as you can see," he said. "Here, in the historic Ed Sullivan theater's office building. This is the first time I haven't done my show in my house in five months. I am so happy to be here to see members of my crew."

He went on to share his gratitude for his wife and kids, who have helped him produce his show from home.

"This office is packed with crew around here, all staying away from each other. And as much as it is nice to see my crew here in the building, I do want to thank my wife and kids again for everything they did to help produce the show while I was home," Colbert said.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Corden was in-studio for a show of his own. He also opened with a few words about what it was like to tape from home.

"I have to say it feels so good to just not be doing this show from my garage anymore," Corden explained. "I was so happy coming into work, to be here on stage 56."

He then went on to jest about the precautions his studio is taking to make sure everyone is safe. "56 is also the number of temperature checks we've all had to pass through to get in here today," he joked.

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