WATCH: Steve Harvey had a hilarious reaction to recent 'Family Feud' winners


Steve Harvey is no stranger to coming up with unique ways to congratulate the winners of his show, "Family Feud."

A recent episode of the show proved no different, as the Montás family broke out into a dance party in light of their $20,000 win with Harvey staring deep into the camera's soul in reaction.

The game started on day 2, relying on family members Jessica and Julie to ring in a second win after winning their first day on "Family Feud." $20,000 were on the line as well as 20 seconds on the clock, and Julie needed to answer five questions.

In the end, Julie won 160 points. Then, it was Jessica's turn.

Asked the same questions, Jessica struggled a bit to come up with some of the answers, but only needed 40 points to win the money on the line. She ended up with 50 points - just enough to win the game for the family.

Upon clocking their win, the Montás family broke out into a dance party with one member even channeling Cardi B with one of their moves. Harvey, unsure of how to react to the moment of joy, stared deadpan into the camera.

Finally, Harvey said, "Well, two-day total 20,470 bucks, and they're coming right back on 'Family Feud.' They can't win no more money."

Viewers of the iconic gameshow were impressed with Harvey's reaction, saying things like, "I can't with the dance and Steve's reaction," or, "This is one of the best wins I've seen so far."

Another viewer added, "I love Steve's facial reactions to what people say and do. He cracks me up without even having to say a word!"

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images