SZA Surprise: Listen to New Song 'Hit Different' With Ty Dolla $ign

Plus SZA delivers a new music video
By , Audacy

After three years of longing for new music from SZA, the Ctrl singer is back with a fresh new single and music video in which she makes her directorial debut.

With little notice and minimal social media buzzSZA and Ty Dolla $ign have come together to give us the smoothly dynamic R&B song, “Hit Different.”

The love song is all about how heartache might “hit different” when the one you love is “boo’d up with a new one.” SZA’s signature melodic vocals that we’ve been craving since 2017 flows effortlessly through the track while Ty Dolla $ign gives us the steady repetition of the song’s hook.

During an interview with Zane Lowe the “Doves In the Wind” singer opened up about dropping new music for the first time in a while, “I was swimming in my brain about what I wanted to say first, what I wanted to bring energy wise first and I just really — I just stopped trying to like overthink and I just wanted to give people something just to vibe because I have so much stuff that I’m just done holding onto.” SZA continues, “Even today I was crying with mom because I haven’t dropped anything in so long and I just feel like the anxiety and like the crushing… I can’t explain how it feels to me. Sometimes I’m strong enough to just drop something and then two weeks passes and then I’m not strong anymore.”

The new single debuted with a music video as well. The orange, monochromatic, clad SZA not only directed the video but also serves us with dance sequences that are reminiscent of Solange’s iconic symmetrical and color-coordinated music videos. However, the last half of the video features a solo and stunning SZA running through all her achingly beautiful lyrics on a pommel horse.

Since last summer SZA has been keeping the fans on edge about new music and teasing new collaborations. “Hit Different” marks SZA’s third collaboration of 2020, after working on “The Other Side” with Justin Timberlake for the Trolls World Tour soundtrack and making an unexpected appearance on Childish Gambino’s 3.15.20. 

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