Tate McRae reveals how trampolines help her get ready for concerts

'You have to like really rehearse and really get it down'
Tate McRae
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Ahead of taking the stage at Audacy’s 2022 We Can Survive, Tate McRae stopped by to get a chat in Bru to talk about her new song, dating advice, and share what she does to prepare for live shows.

LISTEN NOW: Tate McRae joins Bru backstage at Audacy's 'We Can Survive.'

Having just flown back from Dubai, the jet-lagged singer started off discussing her major milestone of reaching a billion streams. A part of which she has her brand new track “uh oh” to thank. And while Tate’s latest single is all about taking back an ex. as far as her actual dating advice goes, she admitted, “everything I say in the song, don’t do… Don’t go back to your ex.”

Excited to check out her set, Bru mentioned he got to catch her impressive dance-heavy performance at this year’s Lollapalooza, which Tate revealed was her “first real festival,” and had her completely “terrified.”

But luckily Tate makes sure she’s prepared, revealing, “sometimes I’ll like jump on trampolines and like sing,” she said of conditioning for live performance, “because dancing and music and like how much you move your body is like totally contradicting to like singing. So you have to really rehearse and really get it down or otherwise you can feel like you’re having an asthma attack out there.”


On the other hand, something that you can’t really ever prepare for, or even predict, is whether your song will get the TikTok stamp of approval. In Tate’s case “uh oh,” has and she thinks it’s “so cool.”

"You never really know what’s gonna happen with TikTok… but obviously its just cool, as an artist it's inspiring to see people how they interpret it in any sense, like doing covers… or doing dances to it, it’s cool to watch.”

In the spirit of what We Can Survive is all about, in support of Audacy’s I’m Listening initiative and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), McRae shared a few practices she uses to maintain her mental health while out on the road and otherwise.

“Well I talk to my therapists, super important,” explaining that it’s something she just started doing this year. Tate also highlighted on “the importance of family,” especially being an industry where it is not always the easiest to trust. And whenever she’s looking for a perfect pick me up song, Tate said Kid Cudi is her go-to.

Tate also went to share some advice for new artists, as well as share her favorite comfort shows, some of, if not all are on our list, and probably yours too.

To find out, listen to and watch the entire interview above.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images