Terry Crews on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' fitted clothing, and the jobs he says ‘no’ to

'It's not that it's illegal, or anything crazy -- it's just something I didn't want to be involved with because of my bad experiences'
Terry Crews
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The last time TV superstar Terry Crews joined Audacy's Klein & Ally on the air, the topic of porn addiction was at the forefront. Now, Crews says that's behind him: "When you get one area of your life together, all the other things tend to come in line too. I can't believe my life right now, it's so good."

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Similarly built (not true at all), Klein wondered what it was like for Crews' impeccable wardrobe, and whether or not he rips suits on a regular basis. "The thing is, I can't buy anything off the rack -- it will not fit," Terry says. "Everything that I wear has been made for me because my body is just so unique and weird. It's muscles, it's lumps, it's big lats... it's all kinds of craziness that needs to be chopped and formed, and I thank God that I can get these outfits and put them on TV. If I was walking around in real life off the rack, it would look horrible.

Ally says she can relate, albeit for "so many opposite reasons."

When it comes to showering -- many people have different schedules whether once a day or every other day -- Terry says he sometimes takes three a day, because of all the workouts and moving he does in a given day. "I'm very stinky, very quickly," he says. Something his wife Rebecca, whose new music video (featuring Terry) for "Reachin For the Top" just premiered, can attest to. "A lot of times I get a shower in before I go to bed, because my wife is like, 'uh, you know what? You're a little tingy,' is what she likes to say."

With his popular NBC series Brooklyn Nine-Nine in its final season, and still one of the hardest working men in show business, Terry's work ethic begs the question of whether or not he's said 'no' to any jobs in the recent past.

"I don't do alcohol or gambling ads," Crews admits. "I mean, I got offered a lot of money to do that kind of stuff but you will never see me doing alcohol or gambling. It's not that it's illegal, or anything crazy -- it's just something I didn't want to be involved with because of my bad experiences."

As fans are getting ready to say goodbye to the cast of comedy all-stars on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which has already shot its final episode, Terry says he didn't just shed a little tear upon completion, "it was a lot. I spent more time with this cast and crew than I did with my own family." Closing down production for Terry was like, "saying goodbye to a person, it's like a funeral. We were so sad, but it's bittersweet because we know that we got to end it the right way."

But is anything really "over" anymore? With all of the streaming options we have now, and the myriad of possibilities in the future -- Terry admits he's looking forward to a reunion. "We might be more popular in ten years... I'm down for anything," he says, and that includes a possible movie or spin-off.

"You have to understand, the entertainment business has changed so fast, and now with all these different formats and streaming we could make a Brooklyn Nine-Nine movie for Peacock, and it could be really, really good -- and we could cuss in it too!"

Advertisers take note: Klein will take all of Terry Crews' alcohol and gambling offers. Listen to the full interview with Terry above, and stay tuned for more conversations with your favorite celebs and artists right here on Audacy.

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