You can thank Dan Reynolds’ family for your favorite Imagine Dragons records

It’s kinda like when we make a playlist… but better
Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons
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During his visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds revealed that when it comes to choosing songs for the band's albums - it's a family affair.

Noting, “you've got four kids at home -- that's a lot of kiddos," Clarkson asked Reynolds, “so do they enjoy Dad making music? Do they think you're cool still?”

"I think they think I'm cool," Reynolds replied. "I play music for them every day. I write music every day, and between them and my wife, they're the ones who pick what goes in an Imagine Dragons record. I play them the songs and if they wanna hear it again, I'm like 'OK, there's something here.' If they don't, then it doesn't go in the record, so you can thank my 4-year-olds for putting together the record.”

Lol, suddenly we’re having visions of a 4 year old boss baby music exec determining what ends up on an Imagine Dragons album with the either a thumbs up or down (or idk, what do 4 year olds do?).

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The Las Vegas natives recently dropped their fifth studio album, Mercury - Act 1, on September 3. And now that we have this newfound information listening to it will never be the same.

Check out Reynolds appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show above, where he also talks going “way back” with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal before admiring his size 22 feet.

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