The Band Camino on their new self-titled album, influences, and collaboration wish-list

Catching up with the Tennessee natives while they're on the road... literally.
Photo credit Jimmy Fontaine
By , Audacy

Currently on the road making stops across the U.S. from now until early December, Jeffrey Jordan, Spencer Stewart, and Garrison Burgess of The Band CAMINO were kind enough to take a break from the already eventful trip to catch fans up on their brand new album, current tour, fellow artists they'd like to write music with, and more.

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In the midst of a tour bus breakdown, we wondered how everyone in the band and crew was handling the hiccup. "To be totally honest I slept through most of it," Jeffery tells us. "Just woke up to our manager and tour manager and crew all looking super stressed out.” Garrison, however, was unfazed. "Man, honestly I’m just so happy to be back on the road and touring that that stuff doesn’t even really bother me," he admits.

On the group's hit "1 Last Cigarette" alone, listeners can pick out impeccable pop songwriting, a punk breakdown for the chorus, and arena rock guitar solos -- a recipe certainly not cut and paste onto other tracks. There are slow jams, the use of samples, and sounds that might normally be heard in a dubstep track.

“For 1LC, you can definitely hear Kings of Leon, Third Eye Blind, maybe Switchfoot in it?” Spencer says, regarding his influences. "Maybe even Shawn Mendes on '1 Last Cigarette,'" adds Jeffery, and we'd happily agree.

When it comes time to put ideas down on tape, you might expect the group's writing sessions would be all-nighters, assuming all of these different ideas flow pretty easily, unhampered by a rigid schedule. "Definitely a combination of both," says Spencer. "There are times it’s just us on a late-night and sometimes it’s a very scheduled thing where it’s like -- start at 11AM and wrap by 3PM because someone has things to do. Always different but we’ve gotten cool songs all different ways.”

After 3 EPs, The Band CAMINO's first full length is officially out. With 14 songs on the self-titled offering, we tried to get the guys to narrow down their three favorites -- kind of like asking them to pick their favorite child.

"This is the absolute hardest question you could have asked. I can’t answer," drummer Garrison admits. Spencer, on the other hand, obliged choosing "Help Me Get Over You," "Just A Phase," and "Look Up." "All three very different," he says, "but I just love those."

The Tennessee natives all hail from Memphis and chose to keep it somewhat local making a move to Music City to fine-tune their craft and surround themselves with like-minded musicians. "We met a lot of people in Nashville that connected with what we did, so it was a natural step,” Spencer explains. Being surrounded by so much talent would surely bring about collaborations, although right now they only have a wish list. "Jon Bellion and Taylor Swift are my top two,” Jeffery admits. "I’d really love to write with Ethan Gruska and Phoebe Bridgers. Also would love to just hang out with Benny Blanco - we could write or just hang, either sounds cool to me,” says Spencer.

As for Garrison, obviously a Switchfoot stan, he added that he would "love to write with singer Jon Foreman. "Not sure where he lives, but that would be sick," he says.

Looking to the future for The Band CAMINO, whether fans should expect singles, EPs, or more full releases, Jeffrey says, "Who knows! We just want to make and release music however feels right. Thanks for listening to our band, if you have. We’re so excited to get on the road and play these songs, so keep checking in and we might have some more shows to announce soon.” Spencer adds that he appreciates, "anyone that’s ever taken time to listen to our music, come see us at a show, anything like that - it’s always very humbling to see.”

For a list of current The Band CAMINO tour dates, click here.

The Band CAMINO's self-titled 2021 release is out now. Check out the tracklist and listen to the full album above.

Underneath My Skin
I Think I Like You
Know It All
Who Do You Think You Are?
Sorry Mom
Just A Phase
1 Last Cigarette
Song About You
Look Up
Help Me Get Over You
Get It Your Way

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