The Doors Share 50th Anniversary Mix of 1969 Single

Listen to 'Wishful Sinful' without strings
The Doors during a press conference at Heathrow Airport
The Doors Photo credit Len Trievnor/Daily Express/Getty Images

In 1969, The Doors threw their fans a curveball, incorporating horns and strings on their fourth studio album The Soft Parade. There were some hits (“Touch Me”) and misses among the nine tracks on the LP, but The Doors proved they weren’t afraid to experiment while remaining nearly peerless in their sound for the time.

But what would Jim Morrison, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and John Densmore have sounded like on The Soft Parade if they didn’t switch things up? We don’t have to wonder anymore because the band has removed the strings from the second single from the album and shared a “Doors only” mix of “Wishful Sinful.” It also feature new guitar parts from Krieger.

“Wishful Sinful (Doors Only Mix)” appears on the 50th anniversary deluxe edition of The Soft Parade. It features nearly two hours of unreleased recordings including other stripped down versions of songs with horns and strings removed.

The 3-disc collection also features three songs from studio rehearsals with Manzarek on vocals, including an early version of “Roadhouse Blues,” which would be released a year later on Morrison Hotel.

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