The Rolling Stones in exile: Listen as the band becomes fugitives and create a masterpiece

While being labeled 'outlaws' suited the group just fine, their financial burdens could only be alleviated by making and releasing more incredible music
The Rolling Stones
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Exile on Main St., The Rolling Stones' 10th British and 12th American studio album, as fans may or may not know, was created as the group was in literal financial exile, fleeing from their homes in the U.K. for a rented villa in the south of France in mid-1971.

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As the band members lived abroad as tax exiles, they somehow managed to lay to tape arguably the greatest Rock N' Roll record ever made, Exile on Main St. The Rolling Stones created this album as fugitives, still desperate to keep things afloat after almost a decade of scandal amidst a cast of colorful characters; starlets, aristocrats, drug dealers, junkies, and thieves. The chaos contributed to one of Keith Richards’ and Mick Jagger’s finest creative achievements, and a wholly new and unique interpretation of America.

While being labeled "outlaws" suited the group just fine, their financial burdens could only be alleviated by making and releasing more incredible music. Unfortunately, at this time as well, Keith took up a heroin habit, while Mick decided to get hitched -- and the rest of the group (Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman, and Charlie Watts) held on for the wild ride.

The party raged at the villa called Nellcôte, and with rumors abounding of multiple serious transgressions, French police were called numerous times throughout their stay. Following a hasty escape fit for a movie, the group vanished, rearing their heads again in Los Angeles to complete the sessions.

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