By going solo, The xx is laying the foundation for new music in the future

The group may not be together at the moment, but they're preparing for the future

The xx weren’t performing at Coachella, but they were well represented at the festival.

LISTEN: Jamie xx & Oliver Sim join Nicole Alvarez live from Coachella

Audacy’s Nicole Alvarez was joined by Jamie xx and Oliver Sim of The xx live from Coachella. Jamie had a solo set to perform while Oliver was there to provide support for his bandmate and friend.

“I’m here on like official cheerleader, groupie duties,” Oliver joked. “It’s so nice, I can see him being a bit anxious and I’m like, ‘I’m so sorry!’ But I’m not envious.”

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Jamie recently released the new single “Let’s Do It Again,” which serves as a prelude for what’s to come. “During the pandemic I did get a lot of time to work,” he said. “It was a nice time just to be alone for me personally. I ended up making a lot of stuff that hopefully will be coming out soon.”

Alvarez then asked him if he knew exactly how soon new material would be released as Jamie promptly replied, “we do not.”

“Actually I have no idea,” he added. “We’re still working on it but it’s getting close.”

Oliver is also gearing up to release solo material, making him the last of The xx to do so. He described the feeling as “so scary, so scary!”

“Everything I’ve ever done I’ve had my two best friends to lean on,” he added. “Even though Jamie produced the two songs I’ve put out, this is me standing out on my own for the first time without my two best friends and it’s exciting, but very scary.”

With two-thirds of The xx in tow (minus Romy Madely Croft,) Alvarez naturally asked what was happening with the band. “We’re all hanging out together still and we’re playing each other music,” Jamie said.

Oliver offered a sense of optimism for what their next step might be and the sound the band will create. “I feel excited to make music with Romy and Jamie more than ever,” he said.

“Romy’s making her own music at the moment and I see her, I love it, and I’m inspired by it. Likewise, I see Jamie doing the same. I look forward to what it’s going to sound like when we next get together.”

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