Method Man, Killer Mike, Stephen Colbert's ‘Lord of the Rings’ rap is more lit than the fires of Mordor

Paying tribute to the 'number one trilly'
Stephen Colbert, Killer Mike, Method Man
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Stephen Colbert put together an all-star group of musicians and several special guests who we won’t reveal quite yet to pay tribute to the “greatest trilogy in movie history.”

That trilogy? None other than Lord of the Rings. And yes, the tribute is more epic than you could imagine.

“I know I have said that many times before,” Colbert said of the acclaimed trilogy, “but I have never — not once — rapped it… until now.”

Colbert and Late Show bandleader Jon Batiste proceeded to take viewers to Middle Earth as they delivered a rap tribute that was more lit than the fires of Mordor.

A quartet of hobbits, all of whom you’ll recognize, then joined in on the action. Dominic Monaghan (aka “Lil Merry”), Billy Boyd (“Big Pippin'”), Sean Astin (“$amwi$e G”) and Elijah Wood (“Frodo Motha F%#$@&’ Baggins”) all appeared in the video and spit absolute fire.  “Best trill ever and don’t you forget/ That’s right Ann Kendrick, Pitch Perfect ain’t s***!” Astin rapped as the camera then cut to confused Anna Kendrick.

Colbert brought in Method Man and Killer Mike to get in on the action as the two effusively praised the “number one trilly.” Towards the end of the video, a few other LOTR made guest appearances as both Orlando Bloom and Hugo Weaving spit some facts about the series as Andy Serkis (Gollum) jammed out on the flute.

Appropriately, the whole crew sang “Lord of the Rings is the number one trilly” in unison as the song fades out.

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