Triple H takes Logan Paul through a WWE tour from Hulk Hogan to The Rock

'It just was a special time, but at the moment, it was just like Thursday'
WWE Superstar Triple H
WWE Superstar Triple H Photo credit Jerod Harris/Getty Images
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For anyone not in the know about the world of pro-wrestling, or those whose obsession grows with every conversation, legendary WWE superstar turned executive VP, Triple H, joins the Impaulsive with Logan Paul podcast this week for some Wrestling 101.

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Just days after Logan’s jaw-dropping performance at SummerSlam 22 in Nashville, he's feeling "healthy and barely sore" much to the surprise of Triple H. "I did so many leaps, so many jumps," he says, "honestly I didn't think I was gonna make it out of that without a broken arm or leg."

"These are moments that I will remember for the rest of my life," adds Paul, "but what's more important to me is that I'm creating moments that the people watching will remember for the rest of their life." It's a familiar feeling, as fans continue to gravitate towards the epic feats and storylines found throughout the sport since its inception. "That means a lot to me because I had those moments growing up, and I know one day some kid's gonna come up to me and say 'I was inspired by you doing the WWE in the crossover!'"

"Once you start paying attention," Paul explains, "if you have someone you're locked onto and you like, suddenly the WWE becomes exponentially more interesting and you're captivated now... and you're locked in!" Welcoming their guest, WWE superstar Triple H, onto the podcast, the crew was obviously thrilled to continue discussing their fascination.

It's mostly meetings for Triple H these days, serving as the WWE's executive VP for Talent Relations and head of creative for WWE, but he's certainly seen his fair share of drama in and out of the ring. One of the most followed storylines in all of pro-wrestling would have to be the rivalry between Triple H and The Rock during their tenure. "At the time you don't realize it -- we've all talked about this; me, Stone Cold, Rock -- we've all had these conversations at separate times, what an era that was and the talent, and what we had to work with each other. It just was a special time, but at the moment, it was just like Thursday... now you look back and go, 'Oh my God it was so amazing and so wonderful... the people we had to work with.' On any given night, I can make you a list of the most talented guys in the business and I was getting to work with them."

Describing first his early bouts and drama with The Rock, Triple H says "he put himself in place as the number one baby face," following an injury Steve Austin suffered, "I saw that and was like, one I don't like being a babyface. Two, these guys need a Darth Vader, you know? Because, you could just see The Rock, from the moment I met him, he was so charismatic, he's just gonna take this to a whole other level personality-wise."

Also in this episode, Triple H discusses filling the shoes of Vince McMahon, concussing Kurt Angle on Live PPV, D-Generation X and Hulk Hogan, marrying Stephanie McMahon, Hasim Rahman Jr. backing out of fighting Jake Paul, and more.

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