Village That Inspired 'Frozen' Is 'Overwhelmed' With Hordes of Tourists

By , Audacy

These tourists just can’t “let it go.”

An increase in tourism is usually a good thing, but when it comes to the tiny Austrian village of Hallstatt, the cons outweigh the pros.

The once-peaceful lakeside village, with a population of 800, is now swarming with tourists after gaining notoriety as the city that inspired the fairytale land of Arendelle in Disney’s “Frozen” franchise.

It doesn’t help that the town, nestled alongside the Salzkammergut mountains, has also been dubbed as the “most Instagrammable town in the world.”

Fans of the film are reportedly “overwhelming” the townspeople to snap selfies, take wedding portraits, and fly their drones to capture footage.

According to The Guardian, Hallstatt welcomes as many as 10,000 tourists every day.

The Sun summed that up to be “six times more tourists per capita than Venice, Italy.”

The crowds have gotten so massive, mayor Alexander Scheutz is running out of ideas on how to handle the influx of tourists.

"Hallstatt is an important piece of cultural history, not a museum. We want to reduce numbers by at least a third but we have no way of actually stopping them,” Scheutz said, per The Sun.

While the increase in year-round business is helpful, the downside of being associated with a pop-culture phenomenon includes litter, drone activity, and an overpriced economy.

According to the Guardian, many residents even feel like they’re living in a “theme park.”

Unfortunately, with “Frozen 2’s” massive success and becoming the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, it doesn’t seem like interest in the small village will drop off anytime soon.

For now, Scheutz is reportedly trying to decrease the number of daily tourist buses visiting Hallstatt, but maybe the answer is sending all the tourists to the “Frozen” attraction at Disney World instead?

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