Watch 2 Chainz shoot his shot at Nicki Minaj in this hilarious 2009 throwback

Special guest appearances include Snoop Dogg and Drake
Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz
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Remember the early days of vlogging? Long before Queen Radio, there was Nicki Minaj TV. Take a step back into time with us to the simpler days of 2009 on Lil Wayne's I AM MUSIC Tour.

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Intrigued by the whiff on 2 Chainz's cologne, Minaj says, "Okay, so you know another guest just walked into Nicki Minaj TV and I just asked him what was that fragrance that he had on and he had to get real cocky and pop his collar..." The camera pans to the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music rapper who expresses, in a smooth voice, "oh, it's Nicki Minaj? I'm really digging your TV. I'm really digging your whole style." He is quickly joined by the legendary Snoop Dogg. The two men bring up kush, but 2 Chainz reverts back to his cologne— Bond No. 9. "It was derived from New York [...] and they got 32 flavors," he explains. As a native New Yorker, Minaj says, "I feel like I should know about this."

The College Park native switches gears to discuss his "drip," that was inspired by Snoop Dogg. "You was one of the ones that taught me how to let that swag drip as a tall dude," he mentions. Then, after 2 Chainz gives a rundown of his potential dating app bio, we see Drake before he bulked up and grew a beard. Drake, Snoop and 2 Chainz have a tall man showdown with Minaj asking the questions that matter like their shoe size. Snoop explains, "you got to divide [the shoe size] by how old a n**** is times the experience and then you gon' come up with the equation you really really wanna know."

Towards the end, 2 Chainz puts on his sensual voice and says, "Nicki Minaj? Me and you though? Me and you would look good for the paparazzi." Nicki responded, "yeah, 'cause I think it's always cute when it's a tiny, petite girl and it's like a real tall Black man." The two exchange energy and the video ends up with Nicki declaring "we love Titty Boy." Check out the full clip below.

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