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The 'Light Switch' singer opens up about his new album
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Since its debut in January, Charlie Puth’s new track “Light Switch” has reached 70 million streams and counting, hit Top 10 on the radio and peaked at 42 on the Billboard Hot 100. Now, he’s checking in with Audacy to enlighten us all about it and get us excited about what’s to come.

LISTEN NOW: Charlie Puth talks with Audacy's Bru

During a previous conversation with Audacy’s Julia, Puth told us that his next album is already completed and revealed, that “Light Switch,” “is by far the most exciting, happy, uppity, lyrical piece" — and on that he straight up delivered. Now, just a little over a month later, during his recent chat with Bru, he’s singing a slightly different tune about his so-called “completed” album.

“Here’s the thing,” he said with a giggle, “it’s done, but I keep making new songs. And I made this new one the other day," he said before starting a new thought. "This is the same thing that happened with the first album,” recollecting how he made “We Don’t Talk Anymore” a week before the album was due to Atlantic.

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Noting Atlantic was no doubt ultimately happy with the outcome, he thinks this time around the same will be true, and that goes for all who are and have been anticipating it. “I’m excited for everyone to hear the whole album together. You’ve already heard a lot of the songs on the TikTok already (yes thats how he said it), but I’m excited for people to hear the songs that I haven’t put on the internet as well.”

Sharing some deets about the album, Puth said, “I never got a chance, of the two albums I put out, it was always little specs of me being vulnerable or me showing my personality in music because I was always, I always felt like I had to check a box.” This time around Puth admitted, “I didn’t think about that once when I made this record.” Instead his thoughts were, “how am I going to just put my personality in the universe and attach some melody and some beat under it.”

Puth revealed a key factor to his new outlook was TikTok. By helping him “become the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my musical career,” and feeling like he was “finally allowed to be like that.”

"You’re just gonna get my most vulnerable work… you’re gonna know more about me than I know about me when you listen to the album,” revealing, “I’m calling it Charlie for that reason too.”

Aside from his emotional connections to the social app, Charlie’s main use for TikTok is for music promotion. Obviously due to his success with the app, Charlie noted how a lot of artists have reached out to him with questions about how to go about promoting their own music. As he revealed, “I tell them all the same thing — there’s gonna be a thousand more TikToks in our lifetime… It’s the latest and greatest thing right now, but one day there will be something else… Just focus on making great music, that’s the one thing that’s never gonna go out of trend, is great music that stands the test of time.”

When it comes to inspiration, Charlie gets his from random everyday objects and moment. And if and when he’s ever in a funk, his solution out of it is by “talking to people,” also admitting he’s “everybody’s therapist,” while his is his mom. And just like that we love him even more.

To find out what it was like for Charlie to hold onto a banger like “Light Switch,” and tease it for months, before finally releasing it, how he truly feels about the lovers, haters and the ones in between, plus so so so much more — check out Charlie’s entire Check In interview above.

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