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Electronic duo Bob Moses (Tom Howie and Jim Vallance) joined us this week in the DTS Sound Space in Los Angeles for a special interview and performance, hosted by Audacy's Nicole Alvarez.

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Fresh off the release of their latest album, The SIlence In Between -- featuring "Love Brand New" -- and a successful early 2022 tour, Los Angeles electro-rockers Bob Moses gave fans a few details on what the duo has planned for the rest of the summer, and into 2023. Following up a number of single offerings from their latest release ("Hanging On," "Time and Time Again," and "Never Ending"), the guys most recently dropped a new version of "Love Brand New" in mid-May. Check out the hot new Vintage Culture remix below.

Hearing the sexy jam on the radio in offices and grocery stores has been a pleasure for Nicole, and admittedly one for the band as well. "When you're humping and buying milk at the same time, you know it's working," says Jim. Over the years, Tom explains that getting to this point has been "sort of the dream. Both Tom and I always had this idea of wanting to make it in music, whatever that means. But really, at the end of it, we just realized that music is something that we love more than anything. Those goals and benchmarks sort of, not disappear, but fade into the background when you're having so much fun. I think getting played on the radio and being able to do what we've done, it's amazing and it's crazy to finally be here, but just kind of feels like the cherry on top of being able to make music with your best bud and the friendship that we've had -- and being in Bob Moses."

Explaining how each of them got started in music, first Tom says he can't remember there being a time when he didn't want to be a musician, even back to the age of four. "My mom always tells this story where I used to go in the bathroom and sing for ages, and I would come out and announce, 'I'm gonna be a musician!'" A major moment was during high school when Tom had written and recorded a few songs on acoustic guitar, which ended up creating a little buzz. "I remember being like, 'oh maybe I can do this... if I keep working I'll be able to do something that people actually like and I won't have to force people to come to my Battle of the Bands night.'" Jim on the other hand wanted to be a hockey goalie: "That didn't pan out too well," he says, "can't do the splits... but my parents were both very musical, so I grew up around it. I used to be in Punk and Metal bands -- Tom also used to be in a Punk band -- I was listening to a lot of Nine Inch Nails and Moby, and realized, 'oh, one person could produce stuff and do it all,' and sort of got into that... that stuff was my gateway; 90s Alternative rock, 2000s listening to the radio."

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