FINNEAS Reveals He's 'Pretty Sure' He Had Coronavirus in Exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live

The GRAMMY-winning artist shares what he's been up to
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One of our favorite O’Connell family members invited us into his home, as FINNEAS joined RADIO.COM for another FANDEMIC Instagram Live. The GRAMMY-winning artist answered fan questions from around the world, and revealed that he's "pretty sure" he had coronavirus during the first days of quarantine.

When asked if he's working on music, FINNEAS shares, "that's literally all, that's all I'm doing right now. Working on music. I mean that, and 'Call Of Duty.'"

But the "Let's Fall in Love for the Night" singer continues, and reveals that he feels as though he had COVID-19 last month, and has since overcame it.

"I haven't talked about this much, but the first 10 days of quarantine I'm pretty sure I had coronavirus," he admits. "A very mild case of it, but I did have all the symptoms in their mild form. I had like a s***** cough, I had like a fever, I had difficulty breathing, I was fatigued, I was achy. The only thing I didn't really have was like loss of taste and smell. So I felt really bad for like 10 days."

"But now I feel great, so I've been making lots of music."

Overall the creative process remains the same for FINNEAS, including his work with sister Billie Eilish. However, they know that once this uncertain time is offer, it will be a sprint forward for everyone, and they plan on being prepared.

"Now that we know we're in this sort of period of isolation, we're like, 'we have to make the record now,' because, it's not like if we sit around and play video games the whole time then when it all comes back online we'll then have time to make an album."

FINNEAS wouldn't chose these circumstances, but he's appreciating the "silver linings" of it, finding more time to work on music now that he has at any point since 2015.

Watch above for much more from our FANDEMIC with FINNEAS.

FINNEAS dropped his debut EP last year, and it’s amazing he has any time to create for himself with all the A-list artists he’s been in the booth with. The 22-year old picked up 5 GRAMMY Awards earlier this year, including Producer of the Year, Non-Classical, thanks in part to his work on Eilish’s chart-topping album, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?

Blood Harmony is the official debut for FINNEAS and it features the haunting lead track “I Lost a Friend” and the seductive dark groove of “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night,” which is currently rising up the Alternative Radio charts.

FINNEAS and Billie have appeared on several livestream specials over the past month, including this weekend’s Global Citizen event One World: Together At Home. You can check out his performance alongside Eilish below.

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