Watch Katy Perry and Jimmy Kimmel write the best worst kids song of all time

Perry and Kimmel may have just outdone 'Baby Shark'
Katy Perry, Jimmy Kimmel
Photo credit Randy Holmes via Getty Images
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During a segment on Jimmy Kimmel LiveKaty Perry and the talk show host came together to write new children’s songs and rid parents of the monotony that is “Baby Shark.” However, Perry and Kimmel’s tune happened to take an over the top twist.

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Kimmel tells the audience that he and the Popstar joined forces “to write the next most popular children’s song of all time, and I apologize in advance because I think we didn’t do it.”

Sitting in a recording studio, watching the “Baby Shark” music video Jimmy and Katy are amazed that the track has racked up 10 billion views, with Perry adding, “I think that’s more than my songs.”

Focused on being “repetitive” and narrowing in on “key subjects that two-year-olds like” the two celebrities, who both happen to be parents themselves started spitballing ideas. As the duo brainstorms, Kimmel says that the key to a successful kid’s song is that “the parents have to hate the song.” Zeroing in on the idea of food and how the human body digests food, Perry lights up as she realizes, “this is an educational song!”

Working out the lyrics together, Katy tells Kimmel, “there’s a saying in songwriting that’s called ‘kiss, keep it simple, stupid.’” The talk show host retorts, “We can even cut out the simple and go right to keep it stupid.”

The recording session quickly cuts to Perry and Kimmel’s kid’s themed music video, where the duo is dressed in ridiculously bright colored vests and singing in front of a green screen rainbow. The whole song is an overtop children’s song about the human digestive system called “Yum Yum Nom Nom Toot Toot Poop.” It achieves total annoying repetitiveness and even features Perry dancing around in a poop emoji costume.

Check out Perry and Kimmel’s masterpiece below.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Randy Holmes via Getty Images